Our View From Up Here

Sunday, June 12, 2011


I had a little trip in the road this past week from being the cute, fun pregnant lady. I love being pregnant. I feel good, it's fun to wear the maternity clothes out there these days, and it's miraculous to feel the baby moving and growing inside.
But, on Sunday night, I was feeling absolutely miserable. (maybe i had just eaten too much at my sister's profession of faith party.) I went to bed and woke up just after midnight with horrible heart burn and nausea. I took some Zofran (prescription nausea medication) and tried to sleep. I sleep for a half hour here and there, but my back and stomach stated cramping. The whole time, the baby was moving and thumping around. I knew there was nothing wrong with him and the cramps were not contractions.
I swore I had a kidney stone. I know all the signs from being an RN. I've given plenty of pain meds to patients with kidney stones (FYI- mostly guys. Most women can pass them at home without IV pain meds... just sayin.)
5:00am rolls around, and I've been in bed, on the couch, in the bathtub, bent over the toilet puking and I still can't get comfortable. I decide to go to the ER. Greg and I talk. Kyla is in bed, so i call in sick to work, Greg stays home, and I drive myself to the ER.
The receptionist sees my belly and immediately send me upstairs to the OB floor.
They monitor the baby (who is fine), ask me 500 dumb questions, and order a kidney ultrasound. After hours of waiting in pain (all they gave me was Tylenol and water), they tell me that they can find nothing wrong. Perhaps the baby is pushing on my ureter, or perhaps I am having bowel cramps and just need to go home and poop (not often an easy task for me.)
I spend most of Monday on the couch and in bed catching up on sleep. Tuesday was my day off work and didn't do much either. Wednesday I went back to work but wasn't real productive. By Thursday I was pretty much back to normal. I am feeling good again now, but a little "full". During the hospital ultrasound, they saw that the baby was in an awkward breech position, which isn't necessarily bad, but is possibly why I'm uncomfortable. Who knows.
I have around 11 1/2 weeks to go in this pregnancy. I want him to say in as long as he needs to be healthy, but I'm getting a little anxious for him to come. I've been really patient and the time has gone really fast, so we'll pray for that to continue. Until then, I strive to be the cute-type of pregnant woman who doesn't complain... :)