Our View From Up Here

Sunday, July 24, 2011

As you turn 2...

Dear Kyla,
TODAY you are two years old...
People say you are the smartest little toddler they know. You talk extremely well and understand everything that is going on around you.
You are starting to say the most ridiculous things too, in the most cute way.
Your not quite a big sister yet, but you definately have a motherly instinct. You care for everyone and are polite and kind to other kids (and adults).
You can definately be naughty and whiney... but I guess that comes with the age. You are very stubborn and sometimes difficult for your poor parents. ;)
You are strong-willed, out-going, and already quite confident. I think your going to be a "leader" in life. You are perfect just the way you are.

Some "milestones" worth mentioning:
You can sing the ABCs, Jesus Loves me, and Twinkle, Twinkle (only missing a word or two).
You can count to 15 (except for the number 12 is mistaken for 2).
You love babies and seem excited about your soon-to-be "baby brudder"!
You attempt to dress yourself, but often get things backwards or crooked.
Your best friend is "Phia" (Sophia from daycare)
Your boyfriend is Jack :)
You are spoiled, but grateful.
You need to "love" and kiss Mason every night before bed (as well as mommy and daddy)
You talk way too much and ask lots of questions!
You know some colors.
You love play dough and puzzles and drawing.
Your favorite foods are fruit snacks, noodles, and pickles.
You love to swim, and even go under the water.
You sleep in a "big girl bed" and don't even sneak out!
You love to watch Barney and "kids singing."

You are loved very much- Happy Birthday to our "Big Girl"!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Omaha Zoo- June 30, 2011

Greg and Kyla- Kyla loves giraffes!

A family picture in the rain forest.

Kyla with her cousins.

Kyla was quite amazed at all of the animals... she loved the entire day!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th!

9:00pm on the 4th of July and I am washed, brushed, and ready for bed. The fireworks are blowing in our neighborhood again tonight, but hopefully I can sleep through it shortly.

Our last week or so has been busy, but good- as summers should be! Here's an update:

It started last Friday on Greg and I's 6th anniversary. Greg's parents got into town (from Montana) early that morning. After I got home from work, Greg and I were able to go on a romantic date to Spezia and Falls Park, while Kyla got spoiled by her grandparents!
Greg worked that Saturday, and Kyla and I went to a pool party hosted by one of my co-workers!
On Sunday, our newest niece, Jaelle was baptised in Sioux Center, and we spent the day there with Greg's family.
Greg and I had a fairly normal work week, until Thursday, when we both had the day off. We went to the Omaha Zoo with Greg's mom (his dad had gone back to Montanan to work) and his brother's family. Kyla loved it! I'm very proud of her, she toughed through the whole day, in the 100 degree heat, with no nap. I'll have to post some pictures when I get around to uploading them.
Friday was back to work for Greg and I, and Greg's mom babysat Kyla.
Saturday, Jer & Jaci and kids came to Sioux Falls. We took Kyla and her cousins out to CiCi's pizza then to the McKennan Park wading pool, which was great for the kids too!
Sunday was fairly relaxing- church, naps, a couple errands. In the evening, we did some fireworks on our driveway with Greg's mom, my mom, and my sister. This is obviously the first year we've lived in South Dakota where fireworks are "legal". We are in city limits, but our neighborhood is way on the edge of town, so a lot of people were having some fun. We enjoyed some fountains, roman candles, and artillery shells. Kyla even loved them!
Greg's mom got on a plane early this morning and Greg went to work. Kyla and I went to Inwood for the big 4th of July bash. We enjoyed the parade, mom's potluck, BINGO (even though I didn't win ANYTHING ), and a walk to the park. We didn't stick around for the derby or fireworks this year- It was a long and hot day, but good while it lasted.

The holiday is over, the in-laws are back home, and tomorrow is back to normal. The countown continues until the baby comes... Only 8 weeks left!