Our View From Up Here

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Right now, I am actually sitting at my parents alone with the baby and dog (who are both sleeping) I just got back from going out for supper with 2 "old" friends from high school who also just recently had babies. We were quite the sight at the restaurant I'm sure... 3 ladies, each with a baby in a car seat, and the husbands weren't invited. It was fun to catch up and have some mommy time!
Greg is on his way home from Mitchell, SD right now. Greg, my brother, and my uncle Brent went on a Cabela's shopping trip. Greg said he got a GPS. Now we can feed this geocaching addiction... we've already checked some sites around here!
The weekend has been filled with family events thus far. Thursday was Thanksgiving with the Van Veldhuizens, then Friday night and this afternoon we had Wallenburg family gatherings in honor of my grandparents' 50th anniversary. It's fun to have everyone around, I've always kinda enjoyed family parties. It's been fun to look back at all the Wallenburg memories... we even hauled out old family videos last night as well as lots of pictures!
Kyla handles all the family attention well, considering she gets passed around from lap to lap. She's such a joy, and everyone just loves her smile! So sweet :)
Tomorrow we plan on going to church with the whole Wallenburg clan and driving to Sioux Center to see Greg's brother's family. Then we're headed back to Pella on Monday.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day with the Verhoef's

Yesterday we spent much of the day with James & Tena and family. The twins, Madelyn and Macey (Kyla's second cousins who are 2 weeks older than her) came over for a couple hours in the morning. Then, in the afternoon we all went Geocaching which was a new adventure for all of us. Greg and I knew some things about it from a workshop we took at the Cadet Counselor's Convention. We've now decided we definately need to get our own GPS and learn more about it. It's seems fun... and addicting.
We ended the day by eating at the new Applebees here in Pella, then Greg, Kyla and I stopped by the Redbox in Walmart, which is our #1 form of entertainment lately, and rented the movie UP... loved it!
Now we're preparing for a busy week ahead. I have to work Tuesday and Wednesday, then we are off to NW Iowa for Thanksgiving and my grandparents 50th anniversary celebration!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New to Blogging

Well, I've taken the advice of some friends and decided to start a blog. I don't know how everything works, but we'll figure it out. My goals are to keep everyone updated on our life as well as to have a something to look back on as Kyla is changing every day...
Kyla is nearly 4 months old and has been learning some new things the last few weeks. She is able to reach for toys and also loves to play with our faces. She smiles at everyone and most everything and is especially infatuated with the dog! She will watch the dog, smile and laugh at him and try to touch him every chance she gets. Mason tolerates this well, but appears a little annoyed at times. Kyla's most recent discovery is her ability to squeal... loudly and high-pitched! I have a feeling our days of sitting through church might be over soon! She's also getting pretty close to rolling over from her back to tummy, but hasn't made it quite yet.
Now, to answer the frequently asked questions... She's been sleeping through the night since she was 2 months old (I know, we're spoiled!) She weighs around 16 pounds (she takes after her mom and dad and loves to eat!) And she has a combination of looks from both Greg and I. Her looks seem to change day to day (sometimes I think she really looks my mom!)
I've been back to work for a month now and do really enjoy it. Kyla has to go to a babysitter when Greg and I are both working, (about once a week) but gets to spend a few days a week home with dad. I think they both like it quite a bit. I miss Kyla a lot during my long shifts, but I'm glad Greg is such a great dad!
I think that sums it up for now... I'm going to see if I can figure out how to add more pics and videos.