Our View From Up Here

Friday, July 30, 2010

New News

Forgive me for not posting any pictures of Kyla's party yet, I'll try to get some off my mom's computer soon!
Most importantly today... Kyla started walking! She hasn't taken more than about 4-5 steps, and it's not consistent, but it's pretty neat. We have to bribe her with food or the dog or the bunny, but she'll do it! Today she took the dog for a little "walk." He was on his leash outside and she thought it was pretty cool to take off with it, and he was patient enough to follow along for those 5 steps before she sat down. I, of course, am having a difficult time getting good video of it.
She had her 1 year doctor appointment this week. She is 20 lbs 12 oz and 29 inches tall. She's definitely thinned out over the last 6 months, she's always on the move!
And in other news: we've officially started the search for a house in Sioux Falls. We've gotten pre-approved for a mortgage and we went out with our new realtor twice this week and looked at a total of about 15 houses. There's some potentials out there, but we're not rushing into anything. So much to choose from!
Life has been busy, busy. I've been doing all the outreach travels at work because one of our nurses is on vacation. I've been flying with Dr. Solberg about twice a week, and often getting home late from busy clinic days. Thank goodness for the weekend and for Monday off! I'm taking Kyla to get her 1 year pictures taken on Monday. :)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Kyla!

Today is the day, although it feels like just another day... Kyla turns ONE! I just keep thinking she doesn't seem like she's a year old. She's just a little baby! But, I guess I'm wrong... Although she'll always be my baby, she's technically crossing over to be a toddler.
I haven't been around enough one-year-olds lately to compare, but Kyla doesn't walk yet, she's just so little in size, and she only has 4 teeth, thus she doesn't seem old enough for a birthday.
We're working on the walking thing, but Kyla simply finds it easier to crawl. She'll stand on her own... until she realizes she's doing it... so she's getting close to those first steps!
She's also working on her 5th tooth. She's been chewing/sucking on her thumb and drooling everywhere, but her mood's been okay.
She is good at talking! Jabber, jabber all the time. Though most of her "words" don't make sense, there's definately a few that she knows for sure: Puppy, kitty, baby, hi, bye-bye, dada, mommy, baba (bottle). She also knows the sign language for more, food, and all-done. We've been working on saying "How old is Kyla?" And she'll point up her "one" finger (sometimes). It's so fun now that she'll do "tricks". LOL
Greg had to work today, but we've been getting ready for the big party tomorrow. I've made and decorated cupcakes, made punch and dip, and gotten sandwhich ingredients. We're going to have a little back yard party at my parent's house tomorrow afternoon. I'll be sure to post pictures!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

End of Vaca

Well, family vaca took a turn for the worst on Sunday evening. After going to Watiki water park (and having fun!), Kyla started puking everything she ate, and Greg was in bed by 7:30 with a fever. I toughed it out, even went to bed somewhat early, but woke up ever 30-60 minutes while Kyla heaved. The next morning I was tired and nauseated. Thankfully Kyla was done puking and Greg felt better. We took off for home in the late morning. Kyla and I slept the entire way. After we got home last evening, my fever and dizziness set in, as well as diarrhea.
Today, I called in sick to work. Kyla and I have been taking it easy and staying close to the bathroom. Kyla is extra clingy and tired, but is able to keep food down. Greg did go to work, and I'm excited for him to get home! We'll see what tomorrow brings...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Hills

On Friday, we got up early and headed out of Inwood at 6:30am. On the way to the Black Hills, we went through the Bad Lands and stopped at Wall Drug. Kyla did fairly well in her new forward-facing carseat, but I think she's working on some more teeth and is kinda crabby.
We met Greg's parents and his Brother, sister-in-law and kids near Whitewood, SD in a rented basement of a nice house!
Yesterday we all went to Mount Rushmore, had a picnic at Sylvan Lake, walked around Keystone and went out for supper in Rapid City. I'll have to post pictures when we get home.
This morning we had a little birthday party for Elyssa and Kyla, and now have just been relaxing and playing outside. We'll venture out this afternoon for some more tourism.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Weekend!

Inwood had it's big 4th of July celebration yesterday- parade in the morning, potluck at grandma & grandpa, bingo/cakewalk, then demolition derby at night. I'm going to be honest about the parade... it was a disappointment. There was like 5 floats, the rest of the parade was machinery, cars, and tractors. To the people of Inwood: maybe we can work on that for next year! :)
Last year was my first Bingo experience in the Inwood Community Center, which is a lot of fun! My mom and brother both won at Bingo, me and my grandpa won a cakewalk, and poor Roxy (my sister-in-law) walked out with nothing... but admits it was fun!
The derby is always fun as well, gotta love small town Iowa! Entertainment at it's best!
Today is Sunday, and tomorrow I get a paid "observed" holiday off work, it's pretty awesome...
Now Greg and I can start thinking about this weekend. We are meeting Greg's parents from Montana and his brother and family from Sioux Center out in the Black Hills. We've got a big cabin reserved there and plan to do some relaxing and site-seeing. I'm looking forward to a little vacation!
I've also started to think about Kyla's 1st birthday bash. I think we are going have a party on July 25 (the day after her birtday) in my parent's backyard. Better start planning!