Our View From Up Here

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Five years!?

Today is me and Greg's 5th anniversary. Can you believe it? Me neither! Five years is a long time, but boy, has it gone by fast.
Yesterday at work, the cutest elderly couple came into the clinic. I could just sense their compassion for each other... After discussing how active they are, and how the wife got her husband a cane for Christmas, which he was very proud of (lol)... I asked how long they've been married. "Sixty seven years," said the lady. And the husband chimed in, "But we really don't think about time, we just keep living for the day with gratitude for the past."
I'm always thankful to hear about long, happy marriages. What a good example!

Greg is working all day today, so last night we met after work and went to Minerva's in Sioux Falls for supper. It was fun to get dressed up and go out. AND... Greg, being the romantic that he is (which I love), surprised me with a 5 day Bahama cruise at the end of January!! How about that for an anniversary gift? I've always wanted to go on a cruise. They sound awesome, from what I've heard from friends. I'm very excited, it'll be a good time of year to get away!
Perhaps I should start a countdown. 7 months.....

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Pretty as a Picture

Here's some pictures my mom has taken recently...

Grandpa pulling Kyla in the new bike trailer

A typical snack time; Kyla and Mason sharing crackers

So cool on Grandpa's old Harley

Showing off all the new teeth, the 2 top ones just came in

Just cute

Friday, June 4, 2010

Work is... Work

Time has just flown by since we've moved. And the most commonly asked question I hear right now is, "How is your new job?" Well... it's different. I loved my last job (in the Pella hospital). I was good at it, I was comfortable after being there for nearly 5 years, I was confident and effecient. Now, everything is new and I feel dumb. Don't get me wrong... I am learning ALOT, and happy to be learning, but it's hard to learn new things. I am so grateful for all my friendly and helpful co-workers.
My day usually consists of rooming clinic patients, ordering tests, returning patient phone calls, renewing prescriptions, and calling back test results and doctor's orders. It's not hard work, there's just a lot of details to learn, and some symptoms/results that I'm not familiar with.
I am working four 10-hour shifts per week (7:30am-5:30pm). It is really nice to have weekends off, and have the extra day to spend with Kyla (and sometimes Greg, if he's not working).
Please excuse me if I am sounding whiny... it is Friday after a long week at work... but I just wanted to inform you all in case you were wondering "How my new job is".
As far as life otherwise; we are going to Pella next weekend to move the rest of our things. Bittersweet. What a relief it will be to not worry about the house, but this means closure, which makes me sad.
We've looked at homes in Sioux Falls on the internet a little, but nothing official. We'll take our time and probably stay in Inwood for the summer. (Aren't my parents lucky?! ;)