Our View From Up Here

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Lights

What is it about lights at Christmas time? I love Christmas lights. If it were up to me, our house would have thousands of little glowing bulbs, but I'm afraid of the ladder.

Kyla loves lights too. "oooo, pretty!" she'll say.

Tonight Greg, Kyla, Mason, and I got in our PJ's and loaded into the car at about 8pm. We drove around Sioux Falls for an hour looking at lights. Such a weird thing, but amazing. Family time and Christmas beauty. I would recommend it, especially Falls Park. I've never seen so many lights in my life. It was heavenly, I would say.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas is this week?

We're still getting ready for Christmas even though half of our parties are over. We still have the Van Veldhuizen party which we are hosting on Christmas Day, then we have the Wallenburg party on Sunday at my grandma's house in Inwood. On Sunday, we are also opening gifts with my siblings and parents.
It's been much to fun shopping for Kyla this year. I know she will love everything and gets really excited, especially about ELMO! She's a riot right now.
Hopefully I can get the last few items bought tomorrow, since I have been avoiding weekend shopping around here. Greg's parents are coming for a couple days this week from Montana. I'm sure they will babysit if they're not up for shopping :)
On Friday, we had an "Ugly Sweater Party." It was a lot of fun and very interesting. Lots of friends and family came over. I think we might make it a Christmas tradition.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Trip to Washington

We left Thanksgiving morning and flew with Greg's brother and his family to Seattle, Washington. Greg's sister, Becky lives with her husband and 2 kids in Burlington, Washington. Greg's parents drove from Montana.
Kyla did very well on the plane (mostly thanks to her cousin, Hannah, who is 6 years old and is Kyla's new best friend!)
While in Washington, we got to stay in a wonderful house on Camano Island (compliments of our brother-in-law's family), celebrate Thanksgiving, witness the baptism of our new nephew, Dillon, celebrate an early Christmas, and spend lots of family time with Greg's entire family, which doesn't happen often enough.
On the day after Thanksgiving, grandma and grandpa babysat while we did some crazy shopping. I love doing this and we got some good bargains... (a Garmin GPS, a label maker, some random clothes, and a Coach purse for me :-)
On Saturday, we took a ferry to San Juan Island. Greg, Kyla and I had done this last year, which we loved. There are some amazing sites from the boat.
On Sunday, we went to Dillon's baptism and spend the day at the Cabin. In the evening we celebrated Christmas with pizza and presents. Kyla loves her new blocks, "Laptop", and Elmo!
On Monday, we spend the day in Seattle. We rode the Tram and went to a Children's museum. I was thoroughly impressed and all the kids loved it!
Tuesday we travelled home, and Wednesday it was back to work. (Hard to go back after almost a week off!)

Now we have the rest of the holiday celebrations to look forward to. I love Christmas shopping and am doing a little here and there whenever I am off work. This is a huge benefit of living in the "city." Although, it's probably not healthy for our bank account!?