Our View From Up Here

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Smarty Pants

Kyla is becoming slightly less naughty and definately more smart. I think that she is getting to the point where she understands and we can somewhat reason with her. For example, she is learning the concept of "Time Out". Tonight she was climbing on a shelf in the kitchen. I said "Kyla, do you want time out?" She says, "yes." and wanders over to her Time Out corner in the living room, sits, and starts pouting. I just started busting up laughing.
Only about a half hour earlier she got put in time out for pulling Ziplock bags out of a drawer. She sits pretty well in her corner and knows she can't get up. Though, she cries the whole time.
She is also learning to answer yes/no questions, usually appropriately, but sometimes funny. Like I'll ask "Kyla, were you good for daddy today?" She, as seriously as can be will say, "No."
Another funny, but slightly annoying habit she is getting into is screaming "Mommy!... Mommy!" if she wants my attention. Or "Daddy!... Daddy!" And if you don't answer the first time or two, she'll get louder and more demanding! The other afternoon, she apparently was awake from her nap, happy, but yelling "Mommy!... Mommy!" from her room. I go in there and she smiles.
One more silly Kyla story: me and her went to Gordman's this morning and were walking past the sparkling christmas decorations and she, every two seconds is saying "Ooooo Pretty!" "Ooooo Pretty!" Greg says that Kyla learned that from me. This is what I'll say to her when something is pretty.
She's getting to smart for her own britches, but we're loving it!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy Fall!

We are enjoying every last minute of this nice weather! Today we went to one of our new favorite Sunday afternoon spots- The Dog Park in Sioux Falls. It is a large fenced-in area with benches where people can let their dogs run with each other. Mason and Kyla love it! There's usually 20ish dogs there and lotsa people. Mason is a little bit of an outcast, sniffing around and wandering, but he does wear himself out with the other dogs. Kyla gets overwhelmed, but loves chasing all the little dogs. She pretty much ignores the big ones. Except for the huge Great Dane that is always there whom she calls "Horsh!" (aka horse) Haha
Greg started a new venture this weekend- the night shift. I think it is going well. We'll wait and see if it catches up to him.
Otherwise, we are waiting for our next vacation- a Thanksgiving/Christmas/Baptism trip to Burlington, Washington with Greg's family. We are leaving on Thanksgiving day for 5 days. It will be very interesting to see how Kyla does on the plane...