Our View From Up Here

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Small blessings in ridiculous circumstances

I want to rip this splint of my arm! It is hot and claustrophobic and in the way!
My wrist still hurts a bit (see the story below) but I realize i need to follow the treatment, because I don't want it to hurt the rest of my life.
I try to be as productive as possible, on my days off work, but I don't think I'll be vacuuming or cleaning the shower real soon.

I may be using this inury as a way to get out of things. But, the other day, I got home from work, and Greg had made porkchops for supper. He felt bad when he remembered I wouldn't be able to cut it, so my porkchop was all cut up into bite-size peices for me on the table. So sweet, didn't even have to ask him :)
Greg will be great around the house, as usual.
Another blessing- a church-group lady called me this afternoon to see if I needed help with anything. She offered to bring some meals to help out. So nice!
Both of my parents have also been helping with the kids. I can get by, but it's definately more difficult than usual.

Hoping for quick healing, without surgery.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Well, I broke my wrist!
On Friday night, we had a fun night with a group of coworkers, dancing, having some wine, and doing Zumba! I have a chronically "bad" knee, which dislocates after too much stress on it.
After doing Zumba for almost an hour, my knee went out and I fell. (this happens to me every month or two) But this time, I nearly passed out after I got off the floor to stretch my knee out. I soon realized that it was my right wrist that hurt!
I just assumed it was a sprain, and didn't want to be a baby, so I hung out for another hour or so, then headed home. Greg wrapped my wrist and I iced it.
The next morning, Greg had gone to work, and I couldn't do anything without swearing or crying. So, I called my wonderful friend, Katy to come watch the kids while I went to Acute Care.
After some xrays, I was diagnosed with a non-displaced scaphoid fracture and send home with a wrist brace. I was told to go to the orthopedic walk-in clinic on Monday.
So, I went to work on Monday, and after I took care of all my patients, I headed across the street of the hospital to orthopedics. The PA put a gigantic splint on my arm (as seen in the photo, which Kyla took) to make sure I have no use of my thumb, and told me to come back in one week to see the doctor and put a cast on.
I got quite depressed about the cast thing. It's hard to take care of the kids, and myself, really. I'll need to go in to the orthopedic clinic every two weeks to be sure my bone is healing. It can be a really slow-healing bone, apparently. Another thing I was upset about was the bills that will come from an injury (we're still paying Sanford for the birth of Nolan!)
I continue to work, although my arm gets sore after using it all day. And life is a bit difficult without any use of my right thumb! Frustrating, but not much I can do about it!
Day by day. This too shall pass.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Nolan Delos ~ 6 months old

Nolan is 6(+) months old already! Finally had his pictures taken today. He wasn't very smiley, but they turned out good.

Nolan sits up well on his own.
He rolls well.
He will scoot himself back while doing "mini-pushups"
He loves his exersaucer and piano toy
He weighed only 14lb 9oz at his 6 month appointment. He's my little peanut.
He loves to eat and has had a variety of homemade babyfood: avacado, banana, apple, peas, beans, carrots, sweet potato, squash. I don't know that he even has a favorite, he'll eat anything!

I definately treat him like the youngest child (which he likely always will be). I don't ever want him to get big... can't imagine him being "terribly two" like his sisiter! :)